12th of January 2019, the European Muslim Forum held its fourth extended board meeting

February 16, 2019



European Muslim Forum that was established 8th October 2018 at the first meeting in Barcelona, Spain continues its work successfully creating a platform for prominent European Muslim Leaders.
Since its launch, EMF has held three board meetings. 23rd of October in the Central Mosque of Rome, Italy, during which The Declaration of Rome was adopted that defines the future vector and main directions of the European Muslim Forum. The second meeting was held on 29th November in Brussels, Belgium where the concept of interaction with the European Commission and the European Parliament was defined. Members of EMF grew in numbers during the third meeting that was held on 10th December in Paris, France bringing new ideas and directions to a busy work schedule.
On the 12th of January 2019, the European Muslim Forum held its fourth extended board meeting that not only gathered EMF Board members but also drew a lot of attention from media and representatives of diplomatic missions to the Kingdom of Denmark.

The meeting
Abdul Vakhed Niyazov, chairman of EMF, presented organizations achievements and pinpointed most essential topics on its agenda.

One of the main issues was to review and a more in-depth look into the “Uygur
issue.” This issue that European Muslims, the whole Muslim World, and all the International Democratic Community reacts to it very sensitively. The situation should be faced with the utmost consideration for the best outcome in this age where the
International community always looks for most peaceful solutions in any conflicted area. At the meeting, we had a chance to listen to the report about the current situation in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China that was presented by our guest from Munchen, Germany, Director of the Religious Committee of the World Uyghur Congress Turgunjan Alawdun. His report and the international media alerts the whole International Community that the “Uyghur issue” does not reflect values of our age.

Thus, at the meeting, the decision was made to prepare a unique appeal to the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping to look deeper into this matter. Especially when China is launching one of the most significant and ambitious new projects like the New Silk Road. The project that connects East to West and goes through the whole Eurasia passing mostly via Muslim majority populated regions.
Other appeals were prepared to the leaders of the European Union: Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, and Antonio Tajani, the President of the European Parliament. This appeal calls European Union leaders to use all that is in their power negotiating with the Leadership of the People’s Republic of China and finding the best solution resolving the issues in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region based on human rights, humanitarian, interfaith dialogue and common aspects. All the ways that lead to the best outcome keeping peace and prosperity of throughout Eurasia based on respect, inter- religious and intercultural dialogue as well as building significant economic ties.
The meeting agreed to prepare a particular letter to the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayib Erdogan, to be an essential mediator in this situation. Mr. President Recep Tayib Erdogan as a prominent leader of the Muslim World and the Turkic
people always sensitively reacts to any injustice and defends all the oppressed Muslims
around the World.
After addressing the leaders of the Peoples Republic of China, the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, EMF leadership plans to send a delegation to Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to inspect, report and promote all possible diplomatic and peaceful ways to regulate the situation that worries all the world. We believe that there are always ways for disputes resolution that could benefit both sides.

Another vital direction discussed at the EMF Copenhagen meeting was to support a significant initiative of the leader of the Catholic Church Pope Francis and the Head of Al Azhar University Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyib at the recent meeting in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Such a meeting resulted in the adoption of a comprehensive declaration appealing to all believing Christians and Muslims to peace and to counter violence by all possible means.

The European Muslim Forum fully support this very important initiative and remark that without such steps based on mutual respect towards each other by believers of different confessions, it is difficult to imagine today the development of inter-religious dialogue and cooperation.
We invite all people of good will, spiritual leaders, politicians, journalists, and the business community to assist us in making our world safer and more peaceful.
As an organization that represents Muslim leaders of many countries from Greater Europe, we would like to support an appeal to Pope Francis, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyib and the leadership of the United Arab Emirates that started this vital initiative. We suggest making Europe as a platform for a Global start for its future activities that are very important for all Abrahamic religions. We all agree that consolidating efforts of all Abrahamic faiths to withstand the challenges of the modern world are very to all of us. Most important directions of this indicative must be the preservation of morality and family values.

During the meeting, we had discussed slight changes in EMF organizational structure and welcomed new members of to the European Muslim Forum council: Dr. Noureddine Belhout, Director of the Faculty of Islamic sciences in Paris, France, Tareq Baé, journalist, SETA think-tank, Germany, both of them, were EMF’s executive committee members. For the last period, they showed so much activity in our cause, so we are glad to announce that from now on they are members of the EMF council. We hope for further fruitful cooperation in the future.
Mufti of Lithuania Romas Jakubauskas declared about new members to join the EMF council by presenting them to the meeting and the members who joined us via online

the fact that technical equipment for the media video content was acquired and TV studio is set in Moscow, and it is planned to have similar a studio in Brussels as well. The studio started filming its pilot video content. The responsible for this department is a member of our EMF council Ruslan Kurbanov.

Three more initiatives were presented by our guests Gadzhimurad Omarov, Member of the Russian Parliament, Marat Kulmukhambetov, Vice-President of the Organization of Sunnah Sports Games and Zaudi Mamirgov, Director of the Muslim Film Festival. Russian parliamentarian presented the Colossal project of the Mosque of Prophet Isa peace be upon him in Makhachkala, Russia. We wish this project success and admire the commitment of Mr. Gadzhimurad for this great project. International Sunnah Games which represent types of sport that are based on Pure Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and types of games that are part of the culture in different parts of the Muslim world. Another excellent initiative is the International Festival of Islamic Culture. We agreed to support this direction and will address several Gulf countries to support and hold it on the Arabic Peninsula. In later years there are plans to have this festival in different European capital cities.

We express our utmost gratitude to the member of EMF council Hussein Aldaoudi, Executive Manager and Chairman of the Committee for Dialogue and Civilisational Communication from Sweden and his colleagues Anouar Touimi from Denmark and Karim Askari from Iceland for organizing such wonderful welcoming on Scandinavian soil in the heart of Copenhagen.

Diplomatic Missions to the Kingdom of Denmark honored the meeting by their presence. Representatives of the United States of America, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates were interested in European Muslim Forum’s agenda and conveyed their wishes to our organization.

Later in the evening Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Morteza Moradian organized a special reception to honor EMF members at the Embassy of Iran.

The President of the Forum and the President of the Scandinavian Council of Relations also recognized the Copenhagen document calling for unity, coexistence, mutual respect between religions and respect for the rights of minorities; the text was handed over to several embassies in Copenhagen.
Leaders of the most prominent Muslim organizations also joined the meeting to learn about EMF and
proposed agenda. It was exciting to hear about the history and present of the Muslim Community in Denmark. All of the leaders expressed their lack of knowledge about Muslim communities in different parts of Greater Europe and that EMF as an initiative should be an excellent
platform for collaboration and exchange that may lead Muslim organizations of Europe towards more successful service for their communities based on Universal values of Islam.

After the meeting, the delegation of the EMF had a chance to meet with the leadership of the Danish Lutheran Church. The warm reception was held in the most significant Danish Cathedral in the town of Roskilde. European Muslim representatives even performed a prayer in the historical building of the Lutheran Consistory.
Most importantly, during the visit, the attendees reflected the importance of intercultural communication between religions. We thank Archbishop Peter Fischer-Mjoller for the warm and cordial welcome!

The second and significant part of the EMF extended meeting was visiting important mosques and Islamic centers in the capital of the kingdom of Denmark and the closest Swedish city over the strait of Oresund, Malmo.
The delegation started its trip by visiting Imam Ali mosque. Imam of the mosque and the leader of the local Jaafari community Mohammad Mahdi Khademi greeted everyone with an immense interest and many questions about the Europen Muslim Forum, later showed the center that contains two big prayer halls, big library, and conference room and told about its activities.

The next visit was to the League of Muslims of Denmark where Sheikh Muhammad Al-Barazi organized a warm welcome to the leadership of the EMF and gathered the leaders of more than twenty of the largest Muslim organizations in Denmark, in which the followers of Islam make up around 9%. At the friendly and brotherly atmosphere, we had a chance to get more information about local Muslim communities, their achievements, worries, and hopes for the better future as an essential part of Danish Society.

Later that day the delegation of the European Muslim Forum visited the Folketing – National Parliament of Denmark and took part in an inter-religious memorial service organized by the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Defense, with the assistance of Christians, Muslims, and Jews of the Danish kingdom.

At this cultural event, there was a chance to meet with Ambassador of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mr. Fahad M. H. Al Ruwaily and his colleague Ambassador of Kingdom of Morocco Mrs. Khadija Rouissi.

After an inter-religious memorial service at the Folketing – National Parliament the EMF leadership held a meeting with Dr. Ahmad Al-Abadi, President of the League of Muhammadiyah (Analytical
Islamic Center under the King of Morocco) in the National Library of Denmark. We are looking forward to extensive collaboration with the League taking into consideration the essential Moroccan community in many European countries.

The final part of this very well-organized event was visiting two biggest mosques in the southern city of Sweden Malmo. Islamic Center of Malmo that was built by the Muslim

The next fifth European Muslim Forum meeting will be organized in Hamburg. EMF received an invitation to hold its next meeting from the delegation that came from this prominent German City with a significant Muslim community.
Talking about further plans of the EMF there are plans to hold a conference of the members the board and the council at the end of the Spring in one country of the Balkans.

As a final part of the meeting was the Copenhagen Manifesto of European Muslims which expresses the main topics of this gathering.

With respect and kind prayers,
Abdul-Vakhed Niyazov
The President of European Muslim Forum

With the purpose of strengthening of peace and cooperation between the representatives of the Abrahamic faiths, we, as representatives of Europe’s Muslim communities, on behalf of the European Muslim Forum, adopt this Manifesto that appeals to all people of good will. Centuries of inter-religious conflicts and the two World Wars of the 20th century have brought the leaders of Abrahamic religions today to the necessity of formulating a new model of interaction and cooperation for the sake of strengthening peaceful and neighbourly relations.
The recent meeting of Pope Francis and the Head of Al Azhar University Sheikh Ahmed al- Tayyib in Abu Dhabi resulted in the adoption of a comprehensive declaration calling all believing Christians and Muslims to peace and to counter violence by all possible means.
We, the representatives of the European Muslim Forum, fully support this appeal, and remark that without such steps towards each other by believers of different confessions, it is difficult to
imagine today the development of inter-religious dialogue and cooperation.
Our joint efforts in the preserving of our common human family, public ethics and morals, and principles of multicultural and multi-confessional peaceful coexistence in all countries should become a basis for the development of such a dialogue and cooperation.
It is based on these values that are common for representatives of all religions and principles that we should altogether counter extremist ideologies, such as of Neo-Nazism, racism and Islamophobia.
This is why we, as representatives of the European Muslim Forum, invite all people of good will, spiritual leaders, politicians, journalists, and the business community to assist us in making our world safer and more peaceful.
Copenhagen, Denmark 12.02.2019

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