Announcing the winners of the Danish national competition to choose the best idea for coexistence and reject extremism and radicalism

January 20, 2020

January 19, 2020



The activities of the Danish National Competition concluded on Sunday 19-01-2020 to choose the best idea for coexistence and the rejection of extremism and militancy, organized by the Danish Security Endowment, with the participation of 35 young men and women from 16 to 22 years old from all Danish regions. The seven groups participating in this competition presented the ideas that they reached this morning to the jury, which was as follows:

The first group:

The idea of ​​creating an electronic data center that collects information about extremism and militancy through the dissemination of information about this phenomenon in all its forms and types by the relevant authorities and institutions, and it is directed to all who suffer or care about the problem of extremism and militancy, such as families who need guidance in case they notice on their children manifet extremism or radicalism, and people looking to get rid of this problem or prevent it.

The second group:

This group saw that the reason for extremism was the lack of knowledge of the correct religion. It suggested establishing centers to introduce true Islam in all regions of Denmark, through dialogue sessions with representatives of the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The third group:

They suggested allocating an educational program that trains children in Danish schools to tolerance and coexistence with the other and reject extremism and militancy, as well as publicize religions by age and division.

Fourth group:

They suggested creating an electronic application that would be a dialogue platform for those who wanted to know about extremism and militancy. For example, if someone wanted to get to know the extreme right, he would enter the application and interview a specialist in the extreme right who would give him questions that revolve around this topic. As well as in all topics related to extremism and militancy.

Fifth group:

They proposed the establishment of a school to prepare imams or allocate a university subject in that, as this group considered that one of the reasons for extremism is the arrival of a number of imams from outside Denmark who do not know the correct religion, and through these specialized schools we obtain imams who can provide the correct Islamic religion without extremism or extremism .

Sixth Group:

This group saw that the problem of extremism lies in the presence of some entities and a number of laws that do not give citizens, especially minorities, their rights, as they consider them as undesirable in society and that they are not originally Danish, knowing that they are Danish citizens and enjoy Danish citizenship. This feeling pushes them to extremism and radicalism, so this group proposes to support these citizens and give them their rights and defend them, through the establishment of multiple centers adopted by the municipalities.

Group Seven:

They suggested creating an electronic application that measures the extent of extremism in all regions of Denmark, by dividing Denmark into regions, and every region gives information by asking citizens who are in it about its condition in terms of extremism, is it safe or does it have extremism or similar problems, so that it is given each specific color percentage is red, blue or green, while these results are presented to the relevant institutions through which you can take appropriate actions.

The competition jury set four criteria for selecting the best of these ideas:

1-To be new.

2-To respect Danish laws, freedoms and religions in Denmark.

3-Be quick to implement and be realistic.

4-You need the lowest costs to implement it.

According to these criteria, the jury selected the winners, as follows:

The first center obtained by the first group that proposed (establishing an electronic information center that collects information about extremism and militancy and is directed to those concerned).

The second position was obtained by the sixth group that presented the idea (to provide support to citizens, especially minorities, and to give them their rights and defend them, through the establishment of multiple centers adopted by the municipalities).

And based on the committee’s admiration of the ideas put forward, it created the third center, which belonged to the second group that presented the idea of ​​(establishing informational centers for true Islam in all regions of Denmark).

The idea presented by the seventh group, which is (the creation of an electronic application that measures the percentage of extremism and militancy in the regions) was appreciated by the jury and a number of institutions and companies who adopted this idea and prepared to provide the necessary support for its implementation as one of the companies pledged to create the application in a period of no more than six months .

The member of the jury, Mr. Anwar Al-Tuwaimi, stated that “-The honoring ceremony for the winners, which was to be held at Parliament’s headquarters on February 20, has been agreed to transfer it to the headquarters of the Danish Media Corporation (the Polytechnic Newspaper) which is the largest media institution in Denmark, in order to achieve a wide media spread. For this competition by discussing these ideas and projects presented in the media on that day. ” Al-Tuwaimi added, “-There are discussions with the Scandinavian Relations Council (SCR) to adopt this competition and circulate it in the rest of the Scandinavian countries.” Al-Tuimi expressed his hope that this competition will become an annual tradition.

While this contest received wide Danish media attention, most of the Danish media and newspapers followed this competition, and many local channels circulated, especially the first channel, which broadcasted its discussions through its direct platforms, and revealed the preparation of a documentary program on this competition that will be presented in the coming days.

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