The US ambassador to Iceland meets with the Executive Director of the Islamic Endowment for Iceland and a number of representatives of religious groups

January 22, 2021



Mr. Geoffrey Ross Gunter met the Ambassador of the United States of America in Iceland – yesterday – Wednesday – at his residence; A number of representatives of groups and faiths in Iceland, including the head of the Icelandic Endowment, Professor Karim Askari. In this meeting, the American ambassador affirmed that “religious freedom is a fundamental human right, and it is the right of a person to choose the belief and avoid persecution and fear,” noting that “religious freedom has become threatened in many parts of the world, as happens with the Uyghurs.” While the ambassador expressed his pride in the religious freedom experienced in Iceland, which shares these values ​​with America, he thanked representatives of denominations and religions for the visit. For his part, Professor Karim Askari reviewed in his speech the conditions of the Muslim citizens of Iceland, their activities and their participation in achieving citizenship and national harmony in their country, stressing the message of the endowment in achieving communication for peace, referring to the distinguished state of community peace in Iceland Thanks to religious freedom achieved through dialogue and a sense of responsibility by representatives of the religions and Icelandic leadership

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