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A news website specialized on news about Muslim and Arabic Citizens in Scandinavia in the five Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland) emanating from the Scandinavian Relations Council.

Our Mission:
To introduce the Muslim and Arabic citizens in Scandinavia about the public opinion in Scandinavia as well as other countries. The purpose is also to emphasize their absolute citizenship and that they are a genuine part of the Scandinavian community and that they are important and they have a crucial role to play in building up these countries in all aspects. It will be made clear that they should work to change the stereotypical picture of them and removing the Islamophobic phenomenon in a way that is civilized and based on knowledge.

Our vision:
To be the eye that sees the Muslim and Arabic citizens in Scandinavia and make them seen at home and abroad.

Our goals:
1. Publishing news about Scandinavia generally and about the Muslim and Arabic citizens in Scandinavia specifically.
2. Prepearing correct and calculated statistics about the number of Muslim and Arabic citizens in Scandinavia and where they are located.
3. Publishing articles, studies and research’s related to the Muslim and Arabic citizens in Scandinavia.
4. Covering the activities, events and ceremonies for the Islamic and Arabic organizations, centers and associations in Scandinavia.
5. Establishing relations with the associations, centers, websites and newspapers in Scandinavia and thoose speeking arabic in theese countries.
6. Establishing relations with the media committies for the Arabic, Islamic and Scandinavian centers, organizations and associations.
7. Establishing relations with the most important Arabic, Islamic and international websites, channels and newspapers.

Our values:
1. Being certain about the authenticity of the news and information before publishing it.
2. Working with all active Arabic and Islamic actors in Scandinavia.
3. Focusing on the Arabic and Islamic cultural backgrounds.
4. Respecting other opinions whatever they might be and trying to find common grounds for everybody to build upon.

Who we are:
• The first website that look after the affairs of the Arabs and Muslims in the five Scandinavian countries.
• The first website to unite between all Muslims even though they have different languages, ethnicity and affiliations.
• The first website to highlight Muslims with Scandinavian background.
• The first website that try to focus on citizenship and leaving the environment of asylum and migration, as well as allegiance and loyalty to our Scandinavian countries that we live in.

Working procedure:
1. Observation and archiving.
2. Fieldwork.
3. Social media.
4. Public relations.
5. Videos and montage.
6. Editing and processing.

The services of the website:
1. Norway today: includes the general local news in Norway, the news of the Arabic and Muslim citizens in Norway and different important economical, sport and international news.
2. The Norwegian Community : addresses the news of the new citizens, the minorities, associations, community issues, the customs and traditions in the Norwegian community of all aspects and preparing reports about distinguished Norwegian that distinguished themselves in different fields.
3. Our focus : we offer from it short and long videos, pictures and infographic about the most important coverings, events, reports and statistics that specializes in Norway generally and about its Arabic and Muslim citizens and their functioning associations specifically.
4. Studies and researches: conducting researches and studies about the Arabic and Muslim citizens in Norway and their functioning associations.
5. Articles: writing articles about issues and subjects that are important to the Arabic and Muslim citizens in Norway.
6. Events: observing the latest ceremonies and events that occurred in Norway.