NMR members celebrate the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand

March 18, 2019



“Epic” “no muslim should be spared” “the time for holy racial war has come”. This is what you can find in a facebook forum where followers of the movement NMR are active. Just hours after the heinous attack, numerous unpleasant comments praising the terrorist, Brenton Tarrant, were seen on the facebook page. The group have commented the terror attack at their website by saying: “we don’t dissociate with white people’s actions” and he also said: “if NMR is banned in Sweden, then we will most likely see similar actions here”. NMR is short for Nordiska Motstånds Rörelsen, which can be translated to English as the Nordic Defence Movement. Their headquarter is in a city called Grängesberg. They were founded the year 1997 by the current leader, Simon Lindberg. The number of active members is estimated to be around 170, but according to the secret service (Säpo) the unrecorded numbers of sympathizers in Sweden are far more.