Amani Loubani is a candidate for the EU- elections

SDN 2019-05-19 The politician from Malmö Amani Loubani (S) will be running for the EU-elections this year. Amani who’s originally from Palestine, is currently an active politician for the Socialdemocrats party. She came to Sweden as an eight-year-old and was

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Symposium on the students fast during Ramadan; its problems and solutions

SDN 2019-05-10Saturday the 4th of May 2019, Scandinavian Council for Relations-SCR in collaboration with the Swedish fatwa council held a symposium with the title of: “fasting students in Ramadan, needs and solutions”. Amongst those who participated were politicians from different

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Imam Fekri Hamad from Västerås has been taken into custody

SDN 2019-05-10 Tuesday the 7th of May 2019, imam Fekri Hamad from Västerås was arrested by SÄPO. Mr. Fekri  Hamad who is from a Palestinian origin was active as an imam in the city of Västerås at the time of

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