Molotov cocktail attack on a church in the suburbs of Stockholm

January 22, 2021



On Tuesday, the church in Spånga was attacked with three Molotov cocktails placed at the church gate and window, resulting in thick smoke inside. The police cordoned off the church and its cemetery to carry out the necessary investigations. While the perpetrator or the motives behind this attack have not yet been verified, the church is close to the densely populated area of ​​Rinkeby, with a large Muslim population, which raises suspicions about the perpetrators’ intention to set fire to mistrust. The Scandinavian Council for Relations (SCR) for its part condemns this attack and expresses its solidarity with the Church and the Christian citizens of Sweden and emphasizes that attacks on religious buildings do not undermine the state of national harmony in Sweden and calls on the relevant authorities to show firmness with all those involved in these attacks. It is remarkable that in the past year, many places of worship have been subjected to various types of attacks and vandalism, including threatening messages sent to a number of Swedish mosques, such as Gothenburg Mosque, Uppsala Mosque, two mosques in Malmö, one mosque in Stockholm and another in Eskilstuna. ; containing racist phrases and white powder. Not to mention what a number of churches have been exposed to, including the vandalism that a Catholic church was subjected to in Gothenburg, Västra Skrävlinge’s church in Malmö and Gottsunda Church in Uppsala.

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