One of the most important days of the year

February 6, 2021



Yesterday, February 4, was the “International Day of Human Fraternity”, an initiative stemming from an agreement between the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and supported by senior representatives of other religions, including Pope Francis. The initiative is intended to be a day when attention is paid to common values ​​and hopes for peace, and tolerance and solidarity between different religions and groups are in focus.

In our time, this is exactly what is increasingly being missed. In the past, it was more natural when many common values ​​nevertheless existed between the various belief systems, but modern times have led to many of these being abolished and that some who today follow them are exposed to reluctance and discrimination. In addition, there have been forces on all sides that have tried to advocate conflict and confrontation. Some governments and authorities have also not taken their responsibility to advocate coexistence despite differences, but instead fired on differences for ideological or personal reasons. It is remarkable how these four countries took the initiative to this day and how they succeed with this message in their countries, unlike in other countries that consider themselves to represent the message of tolerance better.

After the United Nations also adopted the day, we look forward to it slowly but surely beginning to be noticed in more countries, in more contexts and in more ways. It is an important mark in an increasingly troubled world with a troubled contemporary with its political and social problems. We choose to pay attention to it – for the sake of society!

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