On the effects of state funding on Muslim communities

February 18, 2021



A relatively new word in the Swedish public debate is the “grant crane”, and calls for this grant crane to be stopped. In step with things that have been revealed over the years, most recently around certain student unions but also more absurd things like the camel farms in Gothenburg, this is completely understandable and also unfortunately necessary. For far too long, the state, municipalities and foundations have had far too poor control over who or what they distributed funds to and how these funds were then used. In the last two years, the handling of such funds by Muslim organizations in particular has come into the spotlight, and the subsequent tours. Thus, amounts of tax money have been spent freely and the question now is where they went, and what will happen next.

The reality is that for decades there has been a negative contribution culture among so-called cultural associations and federations, often run by Muslim actors, although of course others have nevertheless been guilty of this. The Swedish state’s initiative from the 1970s on multiculturalism and their right to subsidies to preserve their cultural identities, basically positive, came instead to be cynically exploited by actors who used the money for dubious activities, or to finance things that ultimately proved to go against peace, harmony and coexistence. That it is Muslims who have engaged in this is an even greater shame, as Islam prescribes that one must not be deceived or create problems in society. But some groups put it in order, and now that their actions have begun to come to light, the entire Muslim community must be ashamed of it, and it causes tensions and mistrust with society. Something you should have anticipated but not done. Instead, Muslims and Muslim congregations or organizations are seen as burdens on society. What benefit has it provided?

It has also cultivated a belief and a laziness that it is easy to get money, and that work comes second or third hand. This has led them to rely on the state or municipalities to provide one with funds and thus get stuck in a state of dependence. Such a shame. Because Islam urges honesty and hard work and diligence, that the income should be made on honest means and not through lies, cheating or fraud. It is very serious and not worthy of anyone who claims to represent Islam or Muslim believers. All funds should preferably come through their own work or through sources who have acquired the funds through honest means, and not through methods that are considered prohibited. But no. In order to enrich themselves and spread things that cause a gap between themselves and society, they have conducted their dubious activities, and now look at the results.

Confidence in society is at rock bottom. Muslims are seen as suckers. How have these Muslim organizations that claim to represent the interests of Muslims actually helped the Muslims through this? We agree with all other observers that it is a shame. But at the same time we want to remind you that we, like them, share this view, and not to accuse everyone of the same mistake. We stand united with society in ordering harmony, coexistence and obedience to the law and in fighting this type of crime, morally and legally, wherever we find it. It is our duty, both citizens and Muslims.

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