The issue of attacks on religious buildings must be on the agenda

February 22, 2021



In recent days, the Christian Democrats, led by party leader Ebba Busch, raised the issue of the sanctity of religious places of worship and the disturbing trends where we have seen more and more attacks on places of worship such as churches, mosques and synagogues. Just as they remark, it has been quiet about the issue, far too quiet.

We completely agree with Ebba and the Christian Democrats. It is extremely disturbing and frightening that people’s places of worship are attacked like this and so often. It seems to be blunt and with the intention of hurting, harming and spreading hatred. Religious buildings represent people’s ultimate hope, solice in this life and the next, they represent values ​​that transcend life and death and refuge from sorrow and despair. Going after these has a strong symbolic value, which is clearly understood by certain groups or individuals. It is one thing to attack home and property, and another to attack that which is held sacred. There must be an acceptance of people’s different expressions of faith and their buildings, otherwise we are moving in a very dark direction.

It is something that is meant to stir up emotions and destroy the fragile harmony that can still be said to exist between different groups in society. It provides an excellent opportunity for extreme groups on all sides to be able to mobilize against each other, and especially when people’s sanctified places are attacked, there is a risk that even more sensible people can be affected by the situation. What is important is to condemn the deed and what they want to achieve, seek solidarity with the affected and let the outside world know that there is nothing we accept and that our desire for harmony and coexistence is stronger than the will of the opponents.

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