The Liberals’ mistake



The Liberals, formerly the People’s Party, have for some time been involved in a strange game. Originally founded, among other things, as a reaction against Nazism and with a strong anti-fascist and anti-Nazi agenda, people have increasingly come closer to the Sweden Democrats on certain issues. However, it is a trend that has existed since before, when seemingly populist proposals and rhetoric have sometimes been used. The party has undergone several changes over the years.

Now it is a matter of some in the party leadership being prepared to give the Sweden Democrats influence, which goes against both the party’s history and basic principles. In recent years, party representatives have also profiled themselves by pointing to Muslims in various contexts as problems. Now it was a matter of “seeking consensus” with the Sweden Democrats in a number of areas. It has not been unusual for parts of the right historically in Europe to seek bridges with right-wing extremist parties to remove influence from left- or center-right coalitions, which to some extent has clearly been shown in Sweden as well. They want to take over power with the help of the margins of certain parties.

But unfortunately, it does not bode well for some groups. Maybe you think that you can control the worst among the right from influence, but it is not necessarily so easy. Or more likely, you do not think about it at all, because it is unlikely that it will affect yourself or relatives. Then you might reason in a different way.

The trend to open up to SD is tragic and a sign of frustration among the bourgeoisie. SD themselves have intercepted it and will probably demand more influence than the bourgeoisie may be prepared to give them. If they are to act as a support party, the bourgeoisie must make compromises in certain areas, and that is when it becomes doubtful. And it will be a danger to minorities, even if it may not be so obvious to those from the bourgeois who negotiate. If you are not in contact with minorities, this can unfortunately be the result.

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