Right thing at the right time and place

May 3, 2021

After his article in Dagens Nyheter concerning the rights of Muslim children and wishes regarding fasting in Ramadan towards the media and schools, the author was unsurprisingly overwhelmed with response, both positive and negative. Many Muslims recognized themselves in the problem vis-à-vis municipal schools, where fasting was perceived as a test case and questioned, at the same time as she received a lot of hatred from ordinary people.

It is a very problematic and unpleasant development that has taken place as there can be so much hatred for seemingly innocent things like this. At the same time, one must have self-insight and see it as a symptom of something greater. All irritation over these issues is partly due to the way in which they were previously presented, which was demanding, incomprehensible and which was to some extent characterized by ignorance of the person from whom it was requested. When it has been going on for a long time, even innocent wishes can be perceived as threatening and repulsed.

All in all, it is a very problematic development that has caused great damage.
But despite this, the wish is legitimate. This means that they should be taken into account regardless of previous mishaps in these types of discussions. But whoever brings them forward should keep that in mind. Therefore, it is important how it is presented, and when, and in what way. Despite the many problems that exist, there is still goodness, which must be treated with respect when it is lifted.