Call for a boycott of racist banks after the campaign of discrimination against the Scandinavian Endowment for Education (SSFU)


Several institutions of Swedish citizens of the Muslim faith have expressed their solidarity with the SSFU, after the unjust and racist measures he was subjected to by a number of banks and insurance companies, which led to the closure of endowment bank accounts and thus the closure of its educational institutions. While these institutions strongly denounced ”this deal with an institution that has proven its leadership in the educational field over the past two decades.” And she considered that “the banks that withheld milk, food, and educational materials from the students of this school; It is they who need oversight, transparency and respect for the law, after the money laundering scandals carried out by these banks and which were covered by the media several months ago.” She described these measures as ”not based on a legal basis, and did not result from financial irregularities, and they do not have any convincing reason.” These institutions also denounced the “absolute silence” of the government authorities, calling on decision-makers in Sweden to “stop these farces that harm the reputation of our country, Sweden.” While these institutions called “all honorable citizens to boycott these banks and insurance companies that practice racism and discrimination,” and urged them “to close their bank accounts in them, and transfer their money to banks that respect values ​​and principles.”